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The benefits of shared mobility in business

Sustainable Mobility, Soft Travel, Active Mobility...

You've probably already heard about the Business Mobility Plan, Corporate Social Responsibility, Kilometer Tax, or even the expansion of 30 km/h zones in many cities. It's evident that mobility is a crucial issue for the years to come. And companies will play a crucial role in this development. Introducing solutions for sustainable and shared mobility is therefore a relatively simple and cost-effective way to implement for immediate and guaranteed results.

The benefits of shared bicycles in the workplace

Promoting the use of bicycles in the workplace has a direct impact on your company's carbon footprint and contributes to reducing urban congestion.

This solution has a direct impact on your company and your employees. By allowing your employees to engage in physical activity during the day, you positively influence their respiratory and cardiac capabilities, which will have an effect on their productivity. It has been observed that absenteeism rates in the company decrease and performances are better compared to colleagues who commute by car. Cyclists are also more punctual as they are no longer dependent on traffic.

It's obviously an economical solution. By opting for bicycles instead of cars for short trips, you achieve savings in terms of the company's vehicle fleet (fuel, operating costs, parking, etc.).

Electric models for added comfort

The electric function allows you to move around without necessarily needing sports equipment or access to a changing room. This allows for a complete rethinking of professional transportation methods: client visits, travel between sites, lunches, ...



A comprehensive and connected system for maximum peace of mind

Thanks to HOOBA's application and connected locks, the company doesn't have to worry about anything. This connected solution requires no internal intervention. Booking, repairs, maintenance, location, activation, and more – everything is managed through the application.

With the reservation feature, it's very easy to instantly get a bike.

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