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SPF Mobility and Transport: Results of the survey on home-to-work commuting

The SPF Mobility and Transport has just published the results of its survey on home-to-work commuting, which takes place every three years. According to the survey of 3,598 employers :

  • Bicycling is experiencing significant growth throughout Belgium, albeit with some regional disparities.
  • Public transportation is experiencing a decrease in ridership.
  • The car continues to be the preferred mode of transportation for Belgians.

These results (influenced by the COVID crisis) reflect interesting trends.

Bicycling is popular, but it should gain a larger modal share from single-occupancy cars to reduce road congestion !

As employers, you can contribute to promoting this mode of transportation that is beneficial for the well-being of your employees, your organization's finances, and the preservation of the planet... Here are some actions to implement that will quickly encourage the adoption of cycling :

  • Implementation of secure bicycle parking, lockers, and changing rooms
  • Promotion of the bicycle allowance
  • Providing shared company bicycles
  • Organizing training and awareness days
  • Implementation of plans to facilitate bicycle acquisition

Discover the complete results of the survey by SPF Mobility and Transport on home-to-work commuting in French or Dutch.

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